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The Marine & Ship Paintings
Richard C. Moore, A.S.M.A.

  • Clipper Ship Comet
  • Flying Cloud
  • Glory of the Seas
  • Battle of Lake Erie
  • HMS Victory at Trafalgar
  • Privateer Rattlesnake
  • Barbary Pirate Galleon
  • USS Kentucky
  • Artist Rendition of USS Constitution
  • Op Sail 2000
  • USS Plunket
  • Whaling Disaster of 1871
  • Lightship Barnegat
Clipper Ship Comet1 Flying Cloud2 Glory of the Seas3 Battle of Lake Erie4 HMS Victory at Trafalgar5 Privateer Rattlesnake6 Barbary Pirate Galleon7 USS Kentucky8 Artist Rendition of USS Constitution9 Op Sail 200010 USS Plunket11 Whaling Disaster of 187112 Lightship Barnegat13

This website contains detailed oil and watercolor marine and ship paintings by
Richard C. Moore.  The paintings span the centuries depicting ships in
exploration, battles and commerce.  The above oil painting is of the Clipper Ship Comet.


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